Diospyros neilgerrensis (Wight) Kosterm., Ceylon J. Sci., Biol. Sci. 12: 106 1977. (syn: Diospyros ferrea var. neilgerrensis (Wight) Bakh.; Maba neilgerrensis Wight);
S.India as per POWO;

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Family: Ebenaceae
Date: 5th April 2015
Place: Agumbe, Karnataka
Habit: Short tree

Accepted name is Diospyros ferrea (Willdenow) Bakhuizen

I got this information from this sir and the same is mentioned in TPI. Please validate.

Pl. see Diospyros ferrea based on WCSP.

Okay sir. Thank you.

I have a doubt in the pictures inserted as Diospyros ferrea in our species page. Even the description and Picture does not match. Apologies for not being active in efloraofindia; I check the species-page occasionally.

Yes …, … is correct. please replace with suitable image

Diospyros angustifolia (Miq.) Kosterm.

I think Diospyros neilgerrensis as per BiotikFoI and FoPI




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