Update Tree for ID 20042011NVR2: Kindly identify the flowering tree. The tree behind is mimusops elengi.

A guess. Some Oleaceae member.  Any close up photographs  possible?

very interesting, where was this taken? is it native or wild? was it leafless? Looks like some rubiaceae, I am guessing Gardenia or perhaps Coffea

I am not able to make out, The background tree appears to be Mimusops elangi (Sapotaceae).

Maybe Chionanthus mala-elengi

Convolvulaceae member, Erycibe paniculata,

Does not match with either Chionanthus mala-elengi or Erycibe paniculata



Resurfacing again for ID and confirmation 20042011NVR2: Is this coffee arabica?

Most likely not….. flowers may look similar in many plants… from this picture at least I can not tell…
BUT the leaves in the pictures are not that of the Coffea arabica

No. Please send close ups of flowers and other details required as per the eflora guidelines to help the experts to identify.

I too don’t think this could be Coffea arabica. I have attached few pics from my area, please check with these.

Not C arabica, for sure. Please let us know more details such as place, Habit, Habitat and all other supportive information to guess the id.

Tree , around 3m in height, full of blossoms found in Goa

I think this could be Chionanthus mala-elengi