Grevillea lanigera A. Cunn. ex R. Br., Suppl. Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. 20 1830. (syn: Grevillea baueri var. pubescens Benth.; Grevillea ericifolia R. Br.; Grevillea ericifolia var. muelleri Meissn.; Grevillea ericifolia var. scabrella (Meissn.) Benth.; Grevillea lanigera A. Cunn. ex Meissn.; Grevillea lanigera var. planifolia Meissn.; Grevillea lanigera var. revoluta Meissn.; Grevillea scabrella Meissn.; Hakea ericifolia (R. Br.) Christenh. & Byng);
Australia (SE-New South Wales, S from Bathurst, and in E-Victoria, E and N from Wilsons Promontory) as per Catalogue of Life;

Grevillea lanigera ‘Coastal Gem’ from California-GS02022021-2
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Grevillea lanigeraA. Cunn. ex R. Br.

Cultivar  ‘Coastal Gem’

Photographed from Regan Nursery, Fremont, California, 14-4-2019.

Very beautiful postings of different species of  Grevillea. I have seen both the species when I was in Sunnyvale long back.


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