Didymocarpus andersonii C.B. Clarke, Commelyn. Cyrtandr. Bengal. t. 62 1874. (syn: Roettlera andersonii (C.B. Clarke) Kuntze);
Himalaya: East Himalaya, Nepal, West Himalaya as per POWO;

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Enclosing some pictures for identification.
Location : Kalingpong
Altitude:  5550 ft
Date: 6 July 2016
Pictures were shot by a friend and sent for ID ! After extensive search I think it should be Didymocarpus peducellata.

Thanks, … But it does not match with images at Didymocarpus pedicellatus
It may be some other species. Was it cultivated or wild ?

This is wild !

Didymocarpus species so far in efi

As verified by … on other sample this is definitely D. primulifolius D.Don. But only difference I have  noticed is the specimen given in FoI which looks very much different.

Can we get the final verification from …?

Thanks, …, Yeah, it appears close to images of Didymocarpus primulifolius in Fwd: Need id assistance SP 1 160715

I don’t think it is D. pedicellatus, more closer to Didymocarpus andersonii C. B. Clarke

That means enclosed document is wrong!

Thanks, … Is there a key to differentiate the two as two appear quite close?Appears close as per GBIF specimens- specimen 1 and specimen 2

It’s easy to differentiate D. pedicellatus and D. andersonii: if you look at the corolla shape, its funnel-form (gradually wider opening) in D.pedicellatus but salver-form (slender tube, narrow opening, with abruptly widening lobes) in D. andersonii. In D. pedicellatus petioles are nearly glabrous while in D. andersonii its densely pubescent.


Fwd: Need id assistance SP 1 160715 : 3 posts by 2 authors.
I need id assistance for following plant images collected from Darjeeling
Locality: Pankabari Ridge
alt. 3000 ft
Date: 29.07.2014

Status: common in 2 places

IMG_9445, 9444, 9449 are of Gesneriaceae family. Some species in Didymocarpus genus.

This is clearly a species of Didymocarpus (Gesneriaceae). I suppose it is D. primulifolius D.Don (which is the type species of Didymocarpus, occurring in Nepal, NE India and S China), but confirmation is impossible
without having authentic materials at hands. Very nice photos!!!

Thanks a lot to … for his excellency in the process of Didymocarpus sp. identification. … is correct in respect to authenticity based on direct material at hand.

I am also grateful to … for his tireless effort to identify any unknown taxon, really rare personality in this era!

It appears more closer to Didymocarpus pedicellatus R.Br. as per GBIF specimens rather than Didymocarpus primulifolius as per GBIF specimens and FoC illustration.

Is this also Didymocarpus andersonii C. B. Clarke ?



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