Primula prolifera Wall., Asiat. Res. 13: 372 1820. (syn: Aleuritia imperialis (Jungh.) J. Sojak; Aleuritia khasiana (I. B. Balf. & W. W. Sm.) J. Sojak; Aleuritia prolifera (Wall.) J. Sojak; Cankrienia chrysantha De Vriese; Cankrienia chrysantha De Vriese; Primula imperialis Jungh.; Primula khasiana I. B. Balf. & W. W. Smith; Primula sumatrana Merr.);
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam (Meghalaya), Sumatera to Jawa: Assam, East Himalaya, Jawa, Myanmar, Sumatera as per POWO;
Common name: Golden Candelabra Primrose, Glory of the Bog

Wall, in As. Research, xiii. 372, t. 3, and in Roxb. Fl. Ind. ed. Carey Wall. ii. 18 ; tall, not mealy, leaves 8-16 in. oblanceolate or elongate obovate-spathulate obtuse quite entire or toothed glabrous or puberu¬lous beneath, scape very tall, flowers in superposed whorls, bracts shorter than the pedicels, calyx short, lobes subulate, corolla yellow tube very long, mouth annulate, limb flat, lobes obcordate crenulate, capsule globose included. Duby in DC. Prodr. viii. 34 ; Don Prodr. 81. P. imperialis,, Jungh. ; Miquel Fl. Ind. Bat. ii. 1001. Cankrienia chrysantha, de Vriese in Jahrb, der Maatsch. van Tuinb. 1850, 30.

KHASIA MTS., alt. 4-6000 ft., Wallich, &c.—DISTRIB. Java.

Leaves thin, nerves reticulate, petiole broad. Scape 12-18 in., stout, quite erect ; flowers in 2-4 distant whorls, pedicels subequal ; lower bracts sometimes foliaceous. Calyx 1/5 in. long, 5-ribbed. Corolla-tube 1/2 in. Capsule quite glabrous, 1/2 in. diam., not exserted. Seeds rather large, 1/25 in. diam., coarsely papillose.—I can see no difference between the Khasian and Javan plants. The Japanese P. japonica, A. Gray, differs chiefly in the purple flowers. I have not found any specimens of this in Wallich’s Herbarium.
(Attributions- IBIS Flora (FBI))

Primula prolifera East Himalayan plant from UCBG-GS06022021-1
Primula prolifera Wall.
An Interesting species from Eastern Himalayas, characterized by yellow flowers in successive whorls, whereas in most species of the genus flowers are in terminal umbel on a long scape.
Photographed from University of California Botanical Garden, 22-4-2019.

It looks different as per images and references at Lysimachia prolifera
Also I could not find Primula proliferaWall. in Catalogue of Life and POWO. They mention Lysimachia prolifera Klatt only.

Lysimachia prolifera and Primula prolifera are two very different plants and there is no reason to confuse them

Primula prolifera Wall.  Primula prolifera Wall.  Primula prolifera Wall.


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