Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz, J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt. 2, Nat. Hist. 41: 293 1872. (syn: Heterosamara birmanica Kuntze; Heterosamara cardiocarpa (Kurz) J. A. R. Paiva; Polygala lacei Craib; Polygala palustris Lace);
Bangladesh to China (S. Yunnan) and Peninsula Malaysia (Langkawi): Bangladesh, China South-Central, Malaya, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam as per POWO;


Little yellow flower in Myanmar : 8 posts by 3 authors. 2 images.

I want identification of this flower.
I can not even find the family!
Photos prises le 14-10-2016, altitude 350met; à Hpa-an, Etat Kayin, Myanmar

Looks close to Corydalis sp. (Papaveraceae). Not sure though!

I think it will be Polygala sp. (Polygalaceae)

Close up of flowers and fruits is not clear.

May be a species of Polygala or Salomonia

It belongs to PolygalaceaePolygala or Salomonia, details of stamens and a close-up image of fruits will help.

Excuse me for the delay in answering you for an absence.
Unfortunately I do not have more precise photos of the fruits and the stamens of this plant.
Thanks again for your cooperation

Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz syn : Polygala lacei Craib

While going through the net, I found some images of the stated plant on Facebook. But I found that reddish portion of the flower is missing here.

On further checking I found this at FPCN for Polygala lacei Craib (as per Flora of China).
Flora of China says that “A similar species Polygala cardiocarpa has been mistakenly confused with this one, but it does not occur in China”. But both POWO and Catalogue of Life treat  Polygala lacei Craib as a syn. of Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz.
On further checking Flora of China gives the following keys:
30 (29) Plant branching from upper part of stem, corymbose, branchlets thin; leaf blade ovate-deltoid or ovate; capsule broadly obcordate, ca. 2 mm across; seeds ovoid, tuberculate or punctate, without wings. 25 P. isocarpa
+ Plant branching from lower part of stem, branchlets stout; leaf blade ovate; capsule subglobose or subsquare, apex retuse, winged; seeds with appendage (31)
31 (30) Stem not fleshy; capsule globose or subsquare, ca. 3 mm across; seeds ellipsoidal, exotesta tuberculate, with a black, shiny appendage. 23 P. lacei
If we go by the keys, fruit appears closer to Polygala isocarpa Chodat as per FoC illustration.
But both POWO and CoL do not give its distribution outside China.
On checking for Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz. with GBIF –  High resolution specimen  High resolution specimen 2, the posted plant appears close.
However, GBIF for Polygala isocarpa Chodat also shows specimens (specimen 1 and specimen 2– determined in 1976) from Myanmar (Burma), which look similar to the posted plant. Possibly these have to be redetermined and need to be shifted to Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz. as there is no distribution of this species in Myanmar. similar specimen, determined as Polygala isocarpa Chodat in 1976, was determined as Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz. in 1995.
So we finally take the posted plant as Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz.





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