Melica scaberrima (Nees ex Steud.) Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 7: 330 1896. (syn: Festuca scaberrima Steud., not validly publ.; Glyceria scaberrima Nees ex Steud.; Melica onoei subsp. scaberrima (Nees ex Steud.) W.Hempel; Schedonorus bromoides Wight ex Steud., pro syn.);
Pakistan to S. Central China: China South-Central, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO;

Hook. f. ; branches of panicle elongate opposite alternate or 3-nate, spikelets 3-5-fld., gls. I and II ovate-lanceolate, flg. gls. narrowly lanceolate. Festuca scaberrima, Nees ex Steud. Syn. Gram. 316. Glyceria scaberrima, Steud. l.c. ; Duthie Grass. N.W. Ind. 41. Poa Zizania, Jacquem, mss.

WESTERN TEMPERATE HIMALAYA ; from Kashmir to Kumaon, alt. 6-10,000 ft.

Stem 3-5 ft., very slender, flaccid, smooth. Leaves 8-10 by 1/6-1/3 in., more or less scabrid ; sheaths scabrid, hirsute on the upper margins ; ligule short, truncate, 2-auricled. Panicle very variable, rarely reduced to a subsimple raceme ; rachis filiform ; branches 2-5 in., at length horizontal, often 2 in. apart, smooth or scabrid. Spikelets often irregularly disposed, shortly pedicelled, crowded on short branchlets, or distantly scattered, 1/4-1/2 in. long, pale green ; rachilla slender, scaberulous ; gl. I and II ovate-lanceolate, I 1-nerved ; II 3-nerved ; flg. gls. distant, lowest about twice as long as II, narrowly lanceolate, strongly 7-9-nerved, tip quite entire ; palea shorter than its gl., keels scaberulous. Lodicules very minute. Anthers variable in length. Grain subcylindric or fusiform.—Closely allied to the Affghan M. secunda, Regel (M. gracilis, Aitch. & Hemsl.) a native of Affghan, and Turkestan.

(Attributions- IBIS Flora (FBI) )

Andropogon sp. for ID from Kashmir-GS17022021-2
3 images.

Andropogon sp., please help with ID

Photographed from Dachhigam, Kashmir, 10-8-2011

Only one sp. Andropogon munroi C.B.Clarke seems to be recorded from Kashmir region.

Yes, thanks …

Melica scaberrima


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