Pittosporum tenuifolium Gaertn., Fruct. Sem. Pl. 1: 286, pl. 59 1788. (syn: Pittosporum colensoi T. Kirk; Pittosporum fasciculatum T. Kirk.; Pittosporum mayi Hort. ex Gadeceau; Pittosporum nigricans Hort. ex Mc Minn & Maino; Pittosporum translucens Hook. ex Putterl.; Schoutensia monophylla Endl.; Trichilia monophylla A. Rich.);
New Guinea, New Zealand (widespread), USA (I) (California (I)), Bolivia (c) as per Catalogue of Life;

Pittosporum-tenuifolium-‘Marjorie Channon’ from California-GS25022021-4

Pittosporum-tenuifolium-‘Marjorie Channon’
Pittosporum tenuifolium is similar in appearance to P. undulatum in thin undulate leaves but differs in greyish green leaves and red flowers.
cultivar ‘Marjorie Channon’  has creamy margined leaves.
Photographed from Summerwinds Nursery, Sunnyvale, California, 9-10-2012. 
Key from Bailey, Manual of Cultivated Plants
Fls. dark red or purple.
     Lvs. densely white-pubescent beneath 1. P. crassifolium 
     Lvs. glabrous beneath 2. P. tenuifolium 
Fls. white, greenish, or yellow.
      Lvs. obtuse, very thick and leathery.
           Petals almost 1/2 in. long 3. P. tobira 
           Petals 1/4 in. or less long 4. P. viridiflorum
     Lvs. acute, rather thin.
           Fls. axillary: lvs. linear 5. P. phillyrseoides
           Fls. in terminal clusters: lvs. lanceolate or broader.
                Shape of lvs. rhomboid, margins coarsely toothed 6. P. rhombifolium
Shape of lvs. oval-oblong to lanceolate, margins undulate.
                        Petals about ^in. long 7. P. undulatum 
                        Petals less than lA\n.. long 8. P. eugenioides


References: POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  Tropicos  IPNI

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