Pinus monticola Douglas ex D. Don, Descr. Pinus ed. 3, 2: 144 bis 1832. (syn: Pinus grozelierii Carrière; Pinus monticola var. digitata Lemmon; Pinus monticola var. minima Lemmon; Pinus porphyrocarpa A. Murray bis; Pinus strobus subsp. monticola (Douglas ex D. Don) E. Murray; Pinus strobus var. monticola (Douglas ex D. Don) Nutt.; Strobus monticola (Douglas ex D. Don) Rydb.);
W. Canada to W. U.S.A.: Alberta, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington as per POWO;

Pinus monticola from California-GS26022021-6
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Pinus monticola Douglas ex D Don

Common names: Western white pine, California mountain pine

Large tree with leaves 5 in a cluster, long slender cones. 

Photographed from near Gandola, Tahoe, California, 4-8-2017.



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