Pinus ponderosa Douglas ex C. Lawson, (syn: Pinus beardsleyi A. Murray bis; Pinus benthamiana Hartw.; Pinus craigiana A. Murray bis; Pinus engelmannii Torr.; Pinus jeffreyi var. ambigua Lemmon; Pinus jeffreyi var. montana Lemmon; Pinus jeffreyi var. nigricans Lemmon; Pinus parryana Gordon; Pinus ponderosa var. benthamiana (Hartw.) Vasey; Pinus ponderosa var. nigricans (Lemmon) Lemmon; Pinus ponderosa var. pacifica J. R. Haller & Vivrette; Pinus ponderosa var. parryana (Gordon) Rob.; Pinus ponderosa var. pendula H.W. Sarg.; Pinus ponderosa var. penduliformis Sudw.; Pinus ponderosa var. washoensis (H. Mason & Stockw.) J. R. Haller & Vivrette; Pinus ponderosa subsp. washoensis (Mason & Stockw.) E. Murray; Pinus resinosa Hook.; Pinus resinosa Torr.; Pinus washoensis Mason & Stockw.);
SW. Canada to N. Mexico: Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Idaho, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Northwest, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming; Introduced into: Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, South Australia, Spain as per POWO;

Pinus ponderosa from California-GS26022021-7
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Pinus ponderosaDouglas ex C. Lawson

Common names: Ponderosa pine, Bull pine

Large tree with orange to yellow-red bark, leaves 12-25 cm long, 3 in a spur and 7-12 cm long cones with prickles on scales.

Photographed from Tahoe, California, 3-8-2017



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