Piper hymenophyllum Miq., Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 6: t. 1942 1853. (syn: Piper nilghirianum C. DC.; Piper wightii Miq.);
S. India, Sri Lanka, Assam to Indo-China: Assam, India, Laos, Sri Lanka, Vietnam as per POWO;

Piper sp. From Talakona
3 images.
Found this climber in Talakona forest, Chittor dt. AP on the way to falls.

Piper attennuatum

Thanks, …, for the id suggestion.

I feel it is closer to Piper nigrum L. as per images and details herein.
One wild plant from Talakona was identified as such at Idrequest – 29Jun2010AR02 – efloraofindia | Google Groups 
Specimens from India in GBIF, look somewhat different.

I have also collected, I think it is closer to Piper attenuatum but not sure

It looks Piper nigrum only. One can easily identify it using the fruit’s taste which is well known to all.

It is not Piper nigrum, I am sure, the taste is different, it is wild,

It is Piper hymenophyllum

Piper hymenophyllum from talakona

2 images.


At Talakona water falls, our good guide walked over the rocks and soon he appeared to be on an intense search for plants. After about twenty minutes, he came back with these plants and explained with great interest on the plant significance. However, we could not comprehend -a language barrier existed between us.
I still wonder, what was he talking about this plant.
Talakona, Andhra Pradesh
28 Mar 2010

Habitat : Growing on the rocks, close to water falls

I think this is some kind of Epipremnum sp from the family Araceae!!

This is Piper sp. for sure of Piperaceae.

… is correct. This is Piper nigrum. Attaching some pictures of it from my place. The leaves though are tender and you will find spikes on which you will find the flowers or tiny immature peppercorn.
The plants that you see have sprouted from seeds that have been swallowed by birds and then have come out with its dropping or have been washed to these rocky areas by rain water.

I tend to agree with … as usual. This has to be some Piper

To convince everyone, I will pick small pepper vines that have sprouted from seeds. Hopefully in tomorrows mail.

Maybe Piper hymenophyllum as per discussions at Piper sp. From Talakona

Piper hymenophyllum