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seems to be from family Urticaceae. Grows on moss clade stones along waterbody in moist evergreen forest. Baramura, Tripura 2018 December

Elatostemma sp.

Yes, Urticaceae

Looks Elatostema sp.

I am confused between Elatostema papillosum and E. sessile. if I would have collected it would be a lot easier to identify but unfortunately, I didn’t.

Elatostema acuminatum (Poir.) Brongn. ??

Following keys in Flora of Bhutan, I reached at Elatostema reptans Hook. fil. syn. of Elatostema parvum (Bl.) Miq. as per high resolution specimens from GBIF:

This one seems not occur in China so I have no idea.

Thanks, …, It occurs in China as per Flora of China

On further checking, this looks different from Elatostema parvum as per GBIF.


Elatostema parvum

I have some confusion  about Elatostema parvum !
1. Flowering images of my sp. and others do not look like matching .
2. Flowering months do not match between 2 posts, and also according to FoC for the post of other member.
3. Leaf looks different.

4. CoL, GIF and IBP shows no distribution for Tripura however, only POWO has shown.

Thanks, … On further checking … images look different from Elatostema parvum as per GBIF.

Ok …