Plants for ID… (Mixed thread)
3 correct images as above.
I have collected this species from Narcondam Island. May be Salacia species. For Identification please find the attach file.

Checklist gives 5 sp. but I could not match !


Celastraceae member-only, Might be Loseneriella obtusifolia,

I agree with Loeseneriella. There is one Loeseneriella andamanica  but I have not seen it

The fruits and flowers look like Reissantia grahamii (Wight) Ding Hou not Salacia sp.

After getting the lead from …, I feel this may be Loeseneriella macrantha as well.

I checked with species listed over there at Loeseneriella and in POWO and Catalogue of Life. 
I think L. pauciflora (DC.) A.C. Smith (fruits not matching as per specimen in GBIF) and Loeseneriella andamanica (King) Naithani & Sas Biswas are also found over there in Andamans island (excluding Nicobar islands) in addition Loeseneriella macrantha (fruits not matching as per specimen in GBIF)

My knowledge to the Celastraceae of ANI goes as per the attached file. In addition, Reissansia grahamii is also found as per Flora of India.

Please collect specimens for further studies as these images are not matching well  with the species occurring in the Islands.
2 pdf attachments.