Psychotria andamanica Kurz, J. Bot. 13: 328 1875. (syn: Uragoga andamanica (Kurz) Kuntze);
Bangladesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands as per POWO;

Kurz in Lond. Journ. Bot. 1875, 328 ; For. Fl. ii. 13 ; glabrous except the cymes, leaves long-petioled elliptic-obovate or lanceolate caudate-acuminate, nerves 8-10 pair remote, cymes subsessile much trichotomously branched, fruit ellipsoid 8-grooved.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Kurz.

A small evergreen shrub ; branches stout, pale, the wood shrinking in drying. Leaves 6-9 by 2.1/2-3.1/2 in., membranous, greenish-brown when dry, often subfalcate ; nerves slender, arched ; base narrowed into the 1-2 in. long petiole ; stipules large, oblong, 2-cleft, deciduous. Cymes glabrous or rusty-puberulous, 3 in. diam., branches divaricate ; flowers shortly pedicelled, greenish-white. Calyx almost truncate ; teeth short, broad. Corolla glabrous, tube 1/12 in., much exserted, throat villous. Fruit 1/4 in. long, smooth, calyx-limb persistent.—I have seen no fruit, nor any Andaman specimens ; it is probably a broad-leaved form of the following.

(Attributions- IBIS Flora (FBI))

Psychotria andamanica Kurz (Rubiaceae) from South Andaman Island : 2 images.

These images were sent a few days ago by Dr. B. C. Dey for confirmation of identity.
He found this to be a common shrub in the forest floor (inland forest) near Dhanikhari Dam, about 20 km away from Port Blair.


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