Plant for ID :: ¿ Debregeasia ? :: Nagla forest :: March 14, 2021: 9 images.
Nagla forest  … part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Date: March 14, 2021 … Altitude: sea level to about 600 ft asl
¿ Debregeasia ? sp.

Dear friends,
This herbaceous plant was about 1.5 m tall; it seemed to be a solo plant found along a well-trodden trail. Perhaps more individuals could be in the inner core forest.It looks to me like some member of Urticaceae, possibly some Debregeasia. The plant looks like in fruiting, unless all these structures are some insect galls, which are most likely not. The last picture shows some of them opened up. Hopefully, these pictures help in ID, at least to genus level.

These look like scale insects completely covering the stems of the plant.
Your subject line caught my attention, I have not seen Debregeasia at Nagla so far.

Thanks very much dear …
So, the structures lining the stem are some kind of insects. They are quite a huge lot.
I had not seen such a sight until this one.

Thanks, …, What can be the plant otherwise ?

Does not seem to match with any Debregeasia species so far in efi site.

The plant is not Debregeasia. I guessed so, mistaking the scale insects to be flower buds.
If I get to see the plant again – hopefully in flowering / fruiting, I will update this post.

The leaves look like Grewia serrulata,