Heterostemma alatum Wight & Arn., Contr. Bot. India 42 1834.;
Indian Subcontinent to Myanmar: Assam, East Himalaya, India, Myanmar, Nepal, West Himalaya as per POWO;
India (Himalayas, NE-India, Upper Gangetic Plains, Darjeeling), Sikkim, Nepal as per CoL;

Wight Contrib. 42 ; branches with two lines of hairs, leaves elliptic-ovate oblong or lanceolate acuminate, nerves beneath winged, coronal processes ovate-lanceolate acuminate with a large ovate acute concave appendage on the surfaces. Wall. Cat. 8180 ; Dcne, in DC. Prodr. viii. 630.

CENTRAL and EASTERN HIMALAYA ; Kumaon, Royle ; Nepal, Wallich ; SIKKIM, alt. 2-6000 ft., J. D. H. KHASIA MTS., alt. 4-6000 ft., Lobb, J. D. H. & T. T.

Leaves 3-6 by 1.1/2-3.1/2 in., rather coriaceous, light green, base acute or rounded, rarely cordate, nerves 3-4 pairs ; petiole 1-2 in. Peduncles very short, stout ; pedi¬cels 1/4-1/2 in., flowers 1/2-3/4 in. diam., yellow. Follicles (immature) very slender, straight.

(Attributions- IBIS Flora (Flora of British India))

Heterostema alatum: 1 high res. image.
Heterostema alatum

Behali Reserve Forest, Biswanath, Assam, India




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