Swamy/New series/ID/7 – ID of the plant Gentiana sps.: 3 images.
Please ID the plant growing on a foot path in Chennai. Photographed on 1st May.
The suggested ID :  Gentiana species ( G. alba )  ???

Seems you’re right

Rhododendron mucronatum (Blume) G. Don !

Thanks …  As far as my knowledge goes no Rhododendron species is reported in this area (sea level). The images in the NET do not match with the suggested ID. R.mucronatum grows at higher levels (2800 M above sea level). However, I will recheck/ re-examine. Some Azalea may be ???

Some Azalea may be ???

I think something else.

I think something from Acanthaceae.

Is it possible to take close-ups of flower and leaf ?

Delaware Valley White Azalea ??
Link 1 and Link 2

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