ID requested: Vine/creeper/climber: 1 high res. image.
Captured at an altitude of 850m inside the forest on April 15, 2021. I only have this photo. Leaves emerged from the forest floor while its parts were climbing in trees.

Remembering Xantolis tomentosa but not sure, exact Id possible to posted author only

It is not possible to ID correctly with this photograph. Unable to get the possible comparative photos on the NET as per the suggested ID of … More over Xantolis tomentosa is a tree. Whereas  … has reported it as vine/creeper/climber.

Just I remember the same that I observed seedlings of Xantolis in the field, …,

Actually, we are doing here photo taxonomy which is not correct scientifically,
we need complete information for exact ID as you said,

I fully agree with you. You  have an excellent knowledge of taxonomy and contributing a lot to the eflora group. I am proud of you.

I could not find any Xantolis sp. listed in Nepal. Xantolis tomentosa is found in India. Could it be this sp. ?

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