Agave vera-cruz Mill., Gard. Dict. ed. 8 7 1768. (syn: Agave breviscapa A.Berger ex RosterAgave cyanophylla Jacobi; Agave haworthiana M.Roem.; Agave lepida D.Dietr.; Agave lurida Aiton; Agave magni Desf.; Agave manguai Desf.; Agave mexicana Lam.; Agave polyphylla K.Koch; Agave vera-crucis Haw.; Agave vernae A.Berger);
Mexico (Veracruz, Oaxaca): Mexico Gulf, Mexico Southwest; Introduced into: Ascension, East Himalaya, India, Pakistan, Peru, Réunion, Sri Lanka, St.Helena, Thailand as per POWO;
Ascension; East Himalaya; India; Mexico Gulf; Mexico Southwest; Pakistan; Runion; Sri Lanka; St.Helena; Thailand as per Catalogue of Life;

Stem reduced, covered with leaf bases. Leaves forming a lax rosette, arching upwards, the ends drooping, 1.5-2 m, linear-oblong, widest just above the middle, neck hardly constricted; apical spine 1-1.5 cm, almost black; marginal spine broad, spreading or pointing downwards, blackish-brown. Leaves green, often glaucous sometimes with a whitish bloom, shallowly channelled.
(Attributions- Compiled from secondary sources listed in references by Poornima Viswanathan for the Assam Biodiversity Portal project as per India Biodiversity Portal)

18/05/2021 : surajit : Please Help Me Understand Agave: 4 images.
I have a few questions, typed on the attached plates (two) of an Agave sp.
I have confusions over the nature/characters of those “leaves”, “spines” and “prickles”.
Please, help me understand those characters.
I agree that image quality is poor, but I have no alternative. In addition to those two plates I attach here two more photographs of the leaves of the concerned species.

Please, ignore this thread containing sets of questions. Because :- the would be answers are no more relevant for the species I was looking for.

Could you finally reach the id as per details at 18/05/2021 : surajit : Agave in “Botany of Bihar and Orissa” ?

Sir ji, I couldn’t give time to this one!

I suspect it is none of A. cantula Roxb., A. americana L., A. vivipara L. or A. angustifolia Haw.

It is probably Agave vera-cruz Miller, syn A. cantula Beng. Pl. (now what “Beng. Pl.” was meant by Haines?). But I need time to check that thoroughly.

Please check- efi thread

Probability of Agave angustifolia Haw. var. angustifolia :-
  1. leaves are not stiff even rosette (as in KEW and eFI) = probability NIL
  2. tepals different from my species, as in GBIF herb. = probability NIL
  3. tepals similar, but tube longer; as in another GBIF = some probability
  4. marginal prickles often sharply recurved (Haines) as in above GBIF = probability again NIL
  5. flowers greenish-yellow (Haines) = probability NIL
Agave sisalana Perrine :-
  1. leaves different as in KEW (outer leaves at right angle in this species) = NIL
  2. inflorescence not 3-chotomous in KEW  (3-chotomous in my species)  = NIL
Agave cantula Roxb.
  1. no acicular spine, neither conspicuous prickles in my species = NIL
  2. inflorescence branches neither slender nor flexuous = NIL
Agave americana L. :-
  1. no reflexed prickles in my species = NIL
  2. neck of leaves not constricted in my species = NIL
Agave vera-cruz Mill. :-
  1. everything looks similar to table efi thread except marginal prickles (which are similar to A. sisalana)
  2. tepals linear-lanceolate, pale amber tint
So, I think this species is Agave vera-cruz Miller.
4 images.



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