A new subspecies of Rungia longifolia from Southern Western Ghats: 1 pdf attachment.

Great work, Santhosh ji

In efi, we have moved all Rungia species to Justicia, e.g. as in CoL, based on JRI Wood 2014, Novon 23(3): 388

What to do with this one as you have still treated it under Rungia ?

Yes, you are right. According to John Wood, there is no Rungia exists, but it was only his thought and treatment of genera of Acanthaceae. We still prefer to treat it under Rungia only.


A new subspecies of Rungia (Acanthaceae) from the southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India– Santhosh Kumar E. S., Jagadeesan R., Gangaprasad A. & Sam P. Mathew- Abrahamia Vol. 6 (2) 108-111 2020 ISSN: 2395-4108 (Abstract- Rungia longifolia subsp. keralensis is described from the Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary in Kollam district, Kerala, India. A detailed description, range of distribution, phenology and colour photographs are also provided.)


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