Euphorbia???- BGSBU RAJOURI J AND K: 2 high res. images.


Pl. check comparative images at Euphorbia

Euphorbia wallichii or Euphorbia jacquemontii

May be Euphorbia dendroides

Pl. post the side view to check the details.

Looks different from the suggestions. 
Euphorbia dendroides does not have distribution as per POWO and CoL.
Euphorbia dracunculoides Lam. is one possibility, but doubtful with this image. 

1 high res. image


I’d requested for this Euphorbia sp from Rajouri-jandk: 2 images.
Habit: Herb

Please check from the list having distribution in JK.

I think it was posted earlier also. Pl. see feedback in Euphorbia???- BGSBU RAJOURI J AND K

Ok, I will check. Sir


Identification required for this Euphorbia sp:
Location: Rajouri j and k
Habit: Herb

Euphorbia sp.

I agree with …

Pl. post the same or similar images in the same mail.
I think it was posted earlier also (twice).

Image date ?? Euphorbia prolifera Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don ??


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