Launaea nudicaulis (L.) Hook. fil., Fl. Brit. India 3: 416 (1881) (syn: Ammoseris nudicaulis (L.) D.Dietr.; Atalanthus nudicaulis (L.) Pomel; Chondrilla nudicaulis L.; Lactuca nudicaulis (L.) Murray; Lomatolepis nudicaulis (L.) Cass.; Microrhynchus nudicaulis (L.) Less.; Rhabdotheca chondrilloides Webb; Rhabdotheca nudicaulis (L.) Pomel; Sonchus nudicaulis (L.) Sch.Bip.; Sonchus reflexus Lag.; Zollikoferia nudicaulis (L.) Boiss.);
Canary Islands to Arabian Peninsula, Medit. to NW. India: Afghanistan, Benin, Canary Is., Chad, Egypt, Gulf States, India, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon-Syria, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sicilia, Sinai, Spain, Sudan, Yemen as per POWO;
Spain, Sicily, Canary Isl. (Fuerteventura, Gomera, La Palma, Lanzarote, Tenerife, HIerro, Lanzarote), Sudan, Chad, Benin, Bahrain, Egypt (Desert Oases, Eastern Desert, Great Southwestern Desert, NE-Egypt, Nile Delta, Nile Valley, NW-coastal Egypt, SE-Egypt), Iran (S-Iran, W-Iran), Iraq (NW-Iraq, SE-Iraq: Mesopotamia, S-Iraq, W-Iraq: Desert), Israel (C-Israel, Rift Valley, N-Negev Desert, Judean Desert, S-Negev Desert, Negev Desert), Jordania (S-Jordania, W-Jordania), Kuwait, Oman (Dhofar, Mascat & Oman), Saudi Arabia (C-Saudi Arabia, Dahana, NE-Saudi Arabia, N-Saudi Arabia, Hejaz, Midyan, Asir, Nejd Desert), Qatar, Sinai peninsula (C-Sinai, N-Sinai, S-Sinai), Syria (C-Syrian Desert), United Arab Emirates, Yemen (Aden Desert, coastal Hadhramaut, N-Inner Yemen, SW-Yemen, Tihama, W-Yemen), Afghanistan (Helmand, Kandahar) as per CoL;

25-06-2021 surajit 06 : Launaea nudicaulis (L.) Hook.f.:

  • Distribution : plains of India, ascending to Western Himalaya 8000 ft (FBI); NW India, India (KEW)
  • FBI entry : Launaea nudicaulis
  • Description : perennial herb, (1) procumbent to ascending erect (2) more or less divaricately branched, occasionally strangling flowering stems (3) leaf margin white-cartilagineously sinuate dentate and denticulate
  • a rather polymorphic species; the species is often confused with the L. procumbens (distinguishable by pappus and achenes)
  • Pictures : check KEW



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