Palm from Kerala[Wayanad]: 3 images.
Kindly identify the species

Please send the photograph of the leaves (individual).

Pl. check with
Latania lontaroides (Gaertn.) H.E.Moore
Thrinax parviflora Sw.

looks like a Coccothrinax

these are available in India
1) Coccothrinax barbadensis synonym Thrinax barbadensis [Tyre Palm, Silver Thatch Palm, Puerto Rican Silver Palm]
2) Latania loddigesii [Blue Latan Palm]
3) Latania lontaroides [Red Latan Palm]
4) Thrinax parviflora [Jamaican Thatch Palm, Mountain Thatch Palm]
Kindly specify the palm, the photos which I sent you.

Pl. check with Coccothrinax barbadensis, if could find a match. FoPI gives distribution in India. Pl. check what species are found in Kerala. There may be many more cultivated species of this genus in India.