Davallia solida var. fejeensis (Hook.) Noot., Blumea 39: 204 (1994) (syn: Odontoloma fijiensis J.Sm.; Davallia fejeensis Hook.; Davallia fijiensis Diels; Stenolobus fejeensis C.Presl) as per POWO;
Caroline Islands (Pohnpei), Fiji, Tubuai Islands (Rapa Iti) as per POWO;
Fiji (Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Ovalau, Taveuni), Austral Isl. (Rapa Isl.), Micronesia (Pohnpei), Colombia (c) as per CoL;

Plant for ID : 23/12/2020 : Kerala: 3 images.
Please help ID this plant. The photo was taken in a garden in Kerala in Dec, 2020.
Plant is about 40-50 cms tall.

Asplenium species ???   Only a guess.

I was confused about whether it is Davallia fejeensis or Onychium japonicum. Let me check Asplenium too.

It was a wild guess from me. Probably you are correct.

Onychium cryptogrammoides Christ ??

It’s Davallia fejeensisan exotic cultivated species that is widely grown world-wide. I have a plant here with me in Portugal, too – nice thing, related to, but a separate species from D. solida, not a variety of it as sometimes thought by a few people.



Requesting ID of this ornamental shrub – MNP, Mumbai – May 2014 :: 15MAY2014 :: ARK-12 : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).
Requesting to please ID this ornamental shrub captured in MNP, Mumbai in May 2014.

It is a fern, sorus structure is important to identify. Sori will be available in the ventral side in matured leaves (fronds)

Looks like a fern plant

Perhaps it is Asplenium fragrans

Thanks … for the ID…

It’s one of the large Davallia species – not sure which one as there are rather a lot, probably oriental?

Thanks … for the feedback…

Is this also Davallia fejeensis as at Plant for ID : 23/12/2020 : Kerala ?

Yes, definitely fejeensis.  Not a shrub, not woody and 6 ft. tall!

Yes.  … is correct.  This  reminded me of a recent posting by … at the link provided by …



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