Marchantia linearis Lehm. et Lindenb., Nov. Stirp. Pug. 4: 8 1832.;
Mauritius, Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands, Malaya, Java, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Guatemala, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands as per Catalogue of Life;

SK 2913 29 June 2021 – Moss: 5 very high res. images.

Location:  Phedi, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur
Date: 24 June 2021
Elevation:  1700 m.
Habit : Wild
Marchantia polymorpha L. ??

ou know that it is very hard to identify bryophytes without working out.
I can only say its Marchantia probably linearis archegoniophore.

Looks like Marchantia linearis


SK 3570 25 June 2022 – Bryophyta: 6 very high res. images.

Location: Phedi, Nagarkot, Nepal  
Date: 24 June 2021
Altitude: 1700m.
Habit : Wild

It looks like Marchantia papillata subsp. grossibarba

All the images appear to be of Marchantia emarginata Reinw., Blume & Nees subsp. emarginata, but needs
to be confirmed with such morphological details like nature of the female receptacle, anatomy of the
stalk of archegoniophore, shape and size of the appendage of the ventral scale and nature of its
margin, etc.

Marchantia sp and Marchantia with mature sporophyte.




Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  India Biodiversity Portal
MARCHANTIA LINEARIS LEHM. ET LINENB. (MARCHANTIOPHYTA, MARCHANTIACEAE): A NEW REPORT FROM THE WESTERN GHATS OF MAHARASHTRA, INDIALavate R. A., Patil S.B., Shimpale, V. B., Dongare, M. M. and Patil, S. M.- DAVIJS Volume-3 Issue-1 2014 (Abstract: Marchantia L. is the typical genus of the Marchantiaceae. Marchantia polymorpha L. is the only species recorded from North Konkan of Maharashtara. Marchantia linearis Lehm et Lindenb. is little known previously only from Lakkidi palam in Western Ghats of Kerala is newly reported from Maharashtra part of the Western Ghats of India.)

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