Hedysarum microcalyx Baker, J.D.Hooker, Fl. Brit. India 2: 147 (1876);
Pakistan to W. Himalaya: India, Pakistan, West Himalaya as per POWO;
India (N); Himachal Pradesh]; Jammu-Kashmir; Punjab; Uttar Pradesh; Pakistan (N) as per ILDIS;
Common name: Long-Keel Sweetvetch

Baker ; stems robust, leaflets large membranous, bracts linear minute, corolla several times calyx, keel exceeding standard, joints large membranous entire.

West Himalayas, temperate region ; Gurwhal, Falconer ; Kashmir, Lance ; Lahul, Jaeschke.

Stems 1.1/2-2 ft. high, stout, sulcate, glabrous. Leaf-rachises 6-9 in. long ; leaflets 11-13, distant, oblong-lanceolate, obtuse or subacute, 1-1.1/2 in. long ; both sides green, glabrous. Flower-racemes 2-4 in. long, lax ; pedicels 1/8-1/4 in. long, grey pubescent. Calyx 1/8 in., campanulate, membranous, glabrous ; teeth minute, deltoid-cuspidate. Corolla bright red, 5/8-3/4 in. Joints 2-3, oblong, 1/2-5/8 in. long, thin, glabrous, the sutures both distinctly margined.

(Attributions: IBIS Flora (Flora of British India))

Hedysarum sp. For id: 5 images.
Location: Kupwara jammu and Kashmir.
Photo taken by Adil Abdullah from, kupwara. J&K.

Hedysarum pseudomicrocalyx H.Ohashi & Tateishi ??

I think it looks different from Hedysarum pseudomicrocalyx as per GBIF specimens.

What are the other species of Hedysarum reported from your area ?

Is the genus id correct?

Hedysarum microcalyx

Hedysarum astragaloides
Hedysarum cachemirianum

Hedysarum falconeri var. cachemirianum.

Following keys at Flora of Pakistan, it appears close to Hedysarum microcalyx as well as per GBIF specimens- one and two.



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