SK 2920 13 July 2021: 5 very high res. images.
Location: Kathmandu, Central Nepal
Altitude: 1500m.
Date: 09 July 2021
Habit : Wild
Curcuma angustifolia Roxb. ??

Check the rhizome colour. Any flower photos?

Location was difficult so it was not possible to collect rhizome. I guess flowering was over !

The plant size is taller than 2 m. Could it be Curcuma xanthorrhiza D.Dietr. ??

Curcuma xanthorrhiza has purple along the midvein running through the entire length of the dorsal surface as well as on either side of the midvein on the ventral surface. Additionally the rhizomes are yellow on the inside. I have attached a picture of both the dorsal and ventral surfaces for you to look over.

Any opinion about my sp.?  As I have mentioned before, the sp. is more than 2 m. tall.

I am trying to get rhizomes ASAP.

From the appearance of the leaves, it looks more like C.aeruginosa which only has a partial purple streak on the dorsal surface. I have not seen the flowers of zanthorrhiza so I can’t comment on that. The rhizome I believe could help since I presume it is the only one besides C.longa that has this dark yellow colouration within. I could be wrong though since I only have some experience with the peninsular curcuma.

I’m not sure how dependable that article you’ve attached is. The flower pictured in it is that of a curcuma hybrid called Twister.

Today I got  some images which I am enclosing herewith.
The plant measured 2.44 m excluding rhizomes, the tallest I could measure, maybe a  little more taller.
There is a faint tint of dark purple or maroon color in the mid-rib of the leaf, a little  higher from the base of the leaf.
7 images

This years also I missed the flowers but able to measure the height of the plant and get some  rhizomes. I have sent some images. Please have a look at it !

I did see the cut rhizome sections but I’m still confused. C.zanthorrhiza has an interior colour that appears similar to C.longa. This appears green to me. Could it be a problem with the software processing on the camera? Does it actually appear yellow to the eye?

Color of the cut rhizome is light green, not like dark yellow in domestic Turmeric rhizomes.
Oder is slightly like domestic turmeric but does not have a strong smell.

Can you please tell me the names of species having a height of above 2.4m.

I have seen zanthorrhiza, aeruginosa and a species with green leaf devoid of the purple midvein (possibly amada or aromatica) grow to that height at higher altitudes.

C. zanthorrhiza rhizomes are dark orange red in colour like that of C. longa.

I have brought a rhizome and planted it at home. It is coming up.

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