Microscope suggestion:
Please suggest a microscope which i can use for multiple purposes especially systematic studies of plants.
Budget 30k to 45k

Just I would like to share my experience. As a student of Taxonomy (special) under the guidance of Prof B.A.Razi (taxonomist – a legend) I was using simple dissection microscope and binocular microscopes to see the minute parts like pollen, cross section of androecium etc. Of course a hand lens was a must.  Even now it goes well.

Indian made Stereo dissecting microscope will be useful for dissecting fresh grass spikelets, small flowers, seeing stamens, ovary, disc appendages, pollenia etc. It will have an artificial light source.

For morphological studies, a trinocular stereo microscope with high zooming range and working distance, equipped with a digital camera and imaging software would be great. The adjustable height option helps to accommodate large materials such as fruits.
To study mounted herbarium specimens, an articulating zoom microscope maybe helpful to cover wide area of the specimen. https://www.amscope.com/stereo-microscopes.html?i_stand=1108
For anatomical and pollen studies, a good dissecting microscope with digital camera would be a good option. Many makes and models available, for e.g. Nikon, Olympus, Leica, AmScope etc.
All depends on the budget, but be sure to get quotes from different vendors and negotiate the price.

Attaching the Technical specifications of a microscope bought in my department recently.
This one costs 31000 + Tax.
Models with lower rates are also available.
These are light -weight microscopes which have inbuilt LED lighting and rechargeable batteries with a back up to 5 hours.
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