MS, July, 2021/16 Marsdenia sp. ? for id.:
Location : Darlawn, Mizoram

Date : March, 1996 ?
Habit : Large climber with milky juice
Habitat : Wild
Note : Leaves & young stems are cooked and eaten as a vegetable.

Any other image?

Sorry ! Not available sir.

What species are reported in your area with keys?

Do not find a match as per comparative images at Marsdenia including Gymnema species.

This species is not listed in the Flora of Mizoram. But this specimen was identified at … as Marsdenia maculata (= M.macrophylla). No key is available.

I am doubtful about the id as no distribution in this part of the world as per POWO, although listed in WILD EDIBLE PLANT RESOURCES USED BY THE MIZOS OF MIZORAM, INDIA along with Marsdenia formosana in Mizoram.

I tried to match both the species along with species reported in Checklist of Nepal, but could not find a match.
However, clear and detailed images may help.

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