Croton chakrabartyi Dhabak & Nandikar, Journal of Botanical taxonomy and Geobotany, 26 July 2021;

Agumbe Ghat :: Croton FOR VALIDATION :: DVJAN18 : 4 posts by 2 authors. 5 images.
Agumbe Ghat (part of Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary)Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka
Date: 28 DEC 2014 … Altitude: about 600 m asl at crest, about 250 m asl at foothill
Perhaps the photos may not give sufficient clue to ID; if it is possible to know the genus, it would be great help.
¿ Croton ? sp. … (family: Euphorbiaceae)

Croton species so far in efi

Croton gibsonianus, an endemic species (Karnataka and Kerala).

Croton chakrabartyi Dhabak & Nandikar as per discussions at Great achievement by Dr. Mayur Nandikar and team


via Species‎ > ‎C‎ >  Croton gibsonianus Nimmo … family: Euphorbiaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
KROH-tun — Greek: kroton (tick) due to the seed’s similarity in shape … Dave’s Botanary
¿ gib-son-ee-AH-nus ? — named for Alexander Gibson, Scottish surgeon and botanist … Wikipedia
commonly known asGibson’s croton
botanical namesCroton gibsonianus Nimmo … synonymOxydectes gibsoniana (Nimmo) Kuntze … The Plants List (2013). Version 1.1. 

Very nice close up of the flower? where did you find these flowers? did you also get the leaves? top and bottom? if yes, could you share please?

Thanks,… That is in a separate post earlier … Agumbe Ghat :: Croton FOR VALIDATION :: DVJAN18

thanks … I am still searching for valid differences between Croton ginsonii versus Croton ginsonianus
one he described himself and had his Indian (unnamed so far) artist draw a herbarium type botanical drawing… the leaves shape etc. is totally different from this, and then his successor Dalzell called something else with either or the other name…
I wonder what doe Dr. Almeida say about this??

Croton chakrabartyi Dhabak & Nandikar as per discussions at Great achievement by Dr. Mayur Nandikar and team


Great achievement by Dr. Mayur Nandikar and team:
Mayur Nandikar ji and his team rediscovered the real Croton gibsonianus Nimmo (Euphorbiaceae) after 170 years from the type locality in Maharashtra. Furthermore, the plant which we were calling so far as Croton gibsonianus turned out to be a new species, described now as Croton chakrabartyi Dhabak & Nandikar.

Thus, the name of the images saved in eFI website and in Flicker website by Dinesh ji as C. gibsonianus is to be changed as C. chakrabartyi.

Thank you very much dear … for this update. It is heartening to know that a species is named in your honour. A matter of great pride for all of us. Congratulations to Mayur ji and his team for the re-finding and discovery of new species.
I will revise my Flickr notes shortly to reflect the correction.

Thank you Tapas Sir, for sharing the information. We are happy that we have an opportunity to acknowledge your contribution in Indian Euphorbiaceae. Refounding the species is always important, at least we can plan some conservation strategies now.

Congratulations to the discovery team led by Mayur Ji…it is always a joy to discover new life forms..!!! Congratulations Tapas Ji for this great honour, it is a honour for eFI too..!!

Great work by Mayur ji and well deserved honour to Tapas ji.
We feel so proud.

Thanks Tapas Ji for sharing this information. Hearty congratulations to Mayur Ji and his team.

Congratulations Mayur ji.

Congratulations Mayur ji for this great achievement of rediscovering typical Croton gibsonianus. Congratulations Tapas ji for great honour of having species named after you. You have made the eFlora fraternity proud.

Congrats Mayur ji

Congratulations to Dr. Mayur ji and his team. Thanks Dr. Chakravarti Sir.

Not me, the credit goes to Mayur ji. In fact the mistake was done by J.D. Hooker in 1887 and all the subsequent workers (including me) erred in following him (Hooker). What we were calling as Croton lawianus so far is actually Gibson’s Croton, i.e. C. gibsonianus – as pointed out in this paper.
Old collections are available at CAL (not online) and K which may be seen at the following link:

Very intereting findings! Congrats Mayur ji and team for the discovery, and congrats Tapas ji for the well-deserved recognition!

Congratulation Dr. Nadkarni for the achievement.


Request to add Croton gibsonianus is the eflora website: (Mixed thread): 3 high res. images.
Here are the Images and description for later species Croton chakrabartyi Dhabak &  Nandikar. The species is named in the honour of Dr. Tapas Chakrabarty (Ex. Scientist, BSI) for his valuable contribution in the Indian Croton.
Description – A monoecious shrub, up to 2 m high; branchlets angular. Leave alternate, spirally arranged, rarely sub opposite, up to 4.5 cm long, lamina elliptic-oblong, margin serrate, venation penninerved. Inflorescence terminal raceme up to 30 cm long; Male flowers: often 1– 3 per node; sepals 5, ovate-elliptic to oblong; petals 5, recurved; stamens 9–11; glands 5, oblate; Female flowers: solitary to few, at the proximal end of the raceme; petals 5, much reduced to tuft of hairs; ovary globose; style 3, stigma linear; stigmatic arm 3, bifid. Capsule greyish brown, tricoccus, without accrescent sepals; seeds 3, each per locule.
Date/Time-  17/01/2021
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-  Utara Kannada, Sirsi to kumta road
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-  Shrub
Height/Length- 2 m
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- Elliptic – oblong
Inflorescence Type/ Size- Terminal racemiform cyme
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-  White
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- Capsule
Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.-



A synopsis of Nimmo’s Croton (Euphorbiaceae: Crotoneae) including an overlooked new species from India– Dhabak & Nandikar, Journal of Botanical taxonomy and Geobotany, 26 July 2021