Parasenecio levingei (C. B. Cl.) Karthik. & Moorthy, Fl. Pl. India: 255 (2009) (syn: Cacalia levingii (C. B. Cl.) R. Mathur; Koyamacalia levingii (C. B. Cl.) H. Rob. & Brettell; Parasenecio levingei (C. B. Cl.) Qaiser & Abid; Parasenecio levingei (C. B. Cl.) Y. S. Chen; Senecio levingii C. B. Cl.);
N. Pakistan to W. Himalaya as per POWO;

Clarke Comp. Ind. 301 ; glabrous, tall, leafy, leaves deltoid angles acuminate toothed membranous suddenly contracted into a broad short cuneate petiole, heads 1/2 in. bracteolate 5-fld. in long peduncled axillary or terminal secund panicled racemes, invol, bracts 5 narrow-linear acute glabrous, ligules 0, achenes glabrous.

WESTERN HIMALAYA ; Kashmir, alt. 8-10,000 ft., Falconer, Thomson, Levinge.

A very handsome species, 2-3 ft. high. Leaves 4-7 in. across the angles, very membranous. Heads sessile or peduncled and drooping, flowers three times as long as the involucre ; anthers far exserted. Achenes sometimes as long as the involucre ; pappus much shorter than the corollas, white.—Habit of section Ligularia, and near the Siberian S. hastatus (Cacalia hastata, L.), which has long-tailed anthers.

(Attributions- IBIS Flora (Flora of British India))

Identification required 8965: 5 images.

Location: Kupwara, J&K.

Habit: Herb.
Date of collection: 28/07/2021.

Asteraceae ??

Is this the same? It came on my pot !

No, it’s not. Sir

Asteraceae member ?

Please check for Parasenecio lengei (=Cacalia levingei) in Asteraceae.

Parasenecio levingei (C.B.Clarke) Karthik. & Moorthy looks close … !


References: POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  GCC  GBIF (High resolution specimens) High resolution specimen  High resolution specimen 2  IBIS Flora (Flora of British India)
Correct Author Citation of the Combination Parasenecio levingei (Asteraceae-Senecioneae) and Typification of Its Basionym (pdf)- Anant Kumar and Vinay ranjan- J. Jpn. Bot. 92(2): 109–111 (2017)

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