Indigofera coerulea var. monosperma (Santapau) Santapau (syn: Indigofera articulata var. monosperma Santapau);
India (N): Gujarat; Rajasthan as per ILDIS;

Indigofera coerulea var. monosperma: 16 images- 10 high res.
SavarKundla, Gujarat 
August 2021

Identification credit…Dr Rohit Patel



References: Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  ILDIS  Flora of Pakistan (Indigofera caerulea) Pan India Bouquets  IBIS Flora
Informations on Indigofera caerulea Roxb. var. monosperma – A “RARE” plant in the forest of North Gujarat Region (NGR), Gujarat, India (pdf)- Rajendrakumar S- June 2014 (Abstract: The present paper deals with the status, distribution and importance of conservation of Indigofera caerulea var. monosperma – a rare plant in the forest area of North Gujarat Region. Using random transects method the plant was surveyed during the period of May 2005 to Dec 2006. A total of six individuals were recorded from two sites of North Gujarat Region. All the plants were recorded at hill tops of Dry Deciduous Forest, one from dense Dry Deciduous Forest and other five individuals were from open land dominated by grasses. The maximum individuals observed were from loamy course soil and only one individual from gravel substratum.)

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