SK 2923 14 July 2021: 4 very high res. images.
Location: Kathmandu, Central Nepal
Altitude: 1825m.
Date: 14 July 2021
Habit : Wild

Check with Gesneriaceae locally …

I doubt about Gesneriaceae

Ok …, some characters are matched that’s why suggested, if possible try to collect fl or fr stage,

I shall try to capture flowering! Plant looks to be hardy but not delicate

I think Asteraceae may be possible.

I just clicked these images looking similar mature plant of this sp.

May I have your opinion
3 very high res. images.


I guess some Asteraceae !

This looks like some Asteraceae !

Melanoseris cyanea ?

Not sure … Abaxial leaf surface looks different.

Yes, slight difference as per images at Melanoseris cyanea

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