Dainik Bhaskar news on efloraofindia and PEC Chandigarh 20.8.21:
चंडीगढ़ भास्कर के दैनिक भास्कर के 20-08-2021 एडिशन की यह खबर जरूर पढ़ें।
दैनिक भास्कर ई-पेपर मुफ्त मे पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करके ऐप इंस्टॉल करें –

For the benefit of those who do not understand Hindi, I am translating as below:

Old memories: Punjab Engg. College pass out Jag Mohan Garg, has been working on Trees, plants and herbs since 2007.
He asked the girl to tell her name, stating that he is being ragged: Jag Mohan Garg.

by Nannu Joginder Singh | Chandigarh
Inside the main body:
*He was 4th in Engineering Services.
He prepared for Civil services and Engineering services here. He got 4th position in Engineering services. He could not clear the Interview of Civil services. Joined Railways. It is said that once in the life of everybody such instances come when one wants to return back to nature. When he felt like that he started with bird photography. When he had done a lot of work, he started putting all this on Wikimedia Commons. He had Painting exhibitions and wrote a book on the Birds of Kolkata, while staying in Kolkata. In 2007, her daughter gave him a book called ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’. Life changed after that. He started working on trees with like minded people. Full details of eFlora of India are available on a website, which has been created with the help of more than 3000 people.
Left side column:
Punjab Engg. College, Deemed to be university, is completing 100 years. For 100 weeks, Dainik Bhaskar will tell the interesting stories of the journey of the P.E.C. and its Alumni. Alumni come from Canada, Australia, USA etc. to P.E.C. to refresh their memories.
Main body:
Got admission in P.E.C. based on 3rd position in Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak in 1983, in Electrical Engg. as there was no admission test at that time. Outside state students used to get admission based on merit. Once he got out of college to bring something from the road between PGI and PU. There was no market, but some foodstuffs used to be there. He was caught by the Seniors there and they asked him to go and ask the name of the girls standing there. At that time, there was hardly any atmosphere to talk to the girls and have their friendship. He hesitatingly went to them and told them that ragging is going on, so pl. tell your names. After understanding the full matter, the girls told their names and he got off the hook from the seniors. This is told by the founder of efloraofindia.com. He has been working on trees, plants and herbs since 2007 and website provides information on thousands of species of nature from all over the world, free of cost. He is currently working in Central Railway, Mumbai.
He says in 1983, when he got admitted, there used to be very few Engg. colleges. He tells that in 1984 when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was murdered in 1984, the students were immediately asked to vacate hostels and go home. And when they came back, there were no restrictions. With a group of 5 students in final years, they worked on a project to find out a solution on how to use and transport straw and chaff (by product of wheat and rice after harvesting), which is very light and difficult to carry in large quantities.

Very interesting sir.

You are a source of inspiration for all of us.

It is really nice to read, it feels nostalgic!

You’re enthusiastic and inspiring always. Congratulations.

What matters to me is that most of our moderators are role models, in their areas. And that is a great thing for the future of efloraofindia.

It is like having our Boardroom full of role models, who are complementing the efforts of each other.

Interesting news … Some more aspects of student life unfolded.

Thank you for being a ‘Monk’ who is investing every second of his life to offer free information to all interested in plants.

Wonderful ….!!!

It is really nice to know about these unshared aspects of your life, you are always inspiring….
Thanks for sharing this news clip..

Great 💐, respected …

I have shared it in some WA groups including my Alma Mater, PU Chandigarh.

Nice to read that
You formed nice platform for plant taxonomy and giving your time

Inspiring profile, … !!!
It is clearly seen that the making of efloraofindia is a very significant turn in your life journey. Your drive has motivated us all, and kept us busy during our time available for pursuing our passions.

Versatile personality.

Interesting, great; thank you for the translation.

Interesting news … You are no doubt a most versatile pers. I had seen.

Thanks to all of you for your love and blessings.
I am only here in the clipping, because of you all, who have made efloraofindia so proud.

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