Rhododendron pachypodum I. B. Balf. & W. W. Smith, Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 9(44–45): 254–256 1916. (syn: Rhododendron pilicalyx Hutch.; Rhododendron rufosquamosum Hutch.; Rhododendron scottiatum Hutch.; Rhododendron supranubium Hutch.);
China (Yunnan) to NE. Myanmar: China South-Central, Myanmar as per POWO;

Rhododendron pachypodum from UCBG-GS29082021-3: 2 images.

Rhododendron pachypodum I. B. Balfour & W. W. Smith
Shrubs to small trees growing in China and Myanmar, with white 3-5 cm across flowers in clusters of 2-4. 
Photographed from University of California Botanical Garden, 22-4-2019




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