Bulbostylis thouarsii (Roem. & Schult.) Lye ex Veldkamp & Verloove, Blumea 59: 10 (2014) (syn: Bulbostylis puberula (Kunth) C.B.Clarke; Isolepis puberula Kunth; Isolepis sieberi Schrad.; Isolepis thouarsii (Roem. & Schult.) Nees; Scirpus puberulus Poir.; Scirpus thouarsii Roem. & Schult.; Stenophyllus puberulus (Kunth) Killip);
Central Africa, W. Indian Ocean to SE. China and W. Malesia: Bangladesh, Borneo, Cambodia, Cameroon, China Southeast, Hainan, India, Jawa, Laos, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaya, Myanmar, Réunion, Sri Lanka, Sumatera, Thailand, Vietnam, Zaïre as per POWO;

Hooghly Today : Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) Kunth ex C.B. Clarke ? : Attachments (4). 4 posts by 2 authors.
This one again from the same sandy patches, in front of my school. I would like to add that a few months ago truckloads of sands & laterite (?) has been dumped there, to be used for road filling later.

Attaching key in Bengal Plants and relevant links, not sure if this plant can be same –

Thank you,

It is not so easy to identify Cyperaceae members just looking at images of the plants. I need to dissect the spikelets to confirm the identity. So without mature specimens it is difficult for me.

Well, Sir, this might be Bulbostylis thouarsii (Roem. & Schult.) Lye ex Veldkamp & Verloove, as in –

Bulbostylis thouarsii (Roem. & Schult.) Lye ex Veldkamp & Verloove looks close.



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