Old efi site may go away by 30.9.21:

It is to inform you that our old efloraofindia google site may go away by 30.9.21.

The decision was informed to us by Google in the starting of August, 2020. We were quick to react to the situation and got our new efloraofindia.com site immediately, after discussing the modalities among us. By the grace of God, we could get our old site migrated to the new one and get it working from 4.12.21, with minimum possible damage. I have been trying to reset the formatting of pages, which got disturbed on migration to new sites, as and when I get the time and opportunity to edit a page.
Functionality of this WordPress site is a little bit different from the earlier google site, as discussed earlier at eFlora of India new site- Old vs New navigation.
It has been since last ten months, I have been working on this site and find it very useful without any issues unlike Google sites. Many advantages I found are enumerated below:
1. ‘Unusual traffic’- Resolved in the new site: This used to be a major headache for me while going through genus and family pages, which had numerous images.
2. All our displayed images on the site, are stored in our own site unlike those stored on google groups earlier. Time taken in displaying images on the new site is faster than at the old site.
3. WordPress (our current site) is the most used website software in the world with market share of around 40 %. Thus, easier to understand all over the world w.r.t. its functionality.
4. Search with image name
5. No issues since its launch so far, unlike those in our earlier Google sites.
I hope our transition is smooth as it has been so far.

Migration was a gigantic task. You have done it so well.

Thanks … for information. You you could have the courage to take this gigantic step and do it so efficiently. A true leader in every sense.

Many many thanks … for taking the right steps and proper decision related to new site making. eFI is now safely harboured, and is growing again naturally !! Best wishes for the new site to become richer and richer with data and species !!

Thanks to your timely intiative and action … The entire wealth of information in eFI was saved. But it must have overburdened you as entire formatting has to be done by you only.
Great going till now.
Best wishes for remarkable success in coming years.

Thanks to you all.
What is more important is that we were able to save the efforts, time, energy and expertise of so many of us, who has contributed so much over the years.
I am not overburdened, but only my work has changed from more constructive to less constructive.
Earlier I was able to revise so many genera and families to the best of my ability and time, along with creating comparative images. Now I am devoting most of my time without that.
Any way, I may be back with this unfinished work, within a few years, when things become fully normal.

Thank you …, for your wonderful effort and leadership.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and effort, even a botanist did not dedicate this much.

It was indeed a challenge, and you managed to smoothly sail through this turmoil efficiently, to say the least …
Your tireless efforts have resulted in a beautiful, fruit-laden tree in the form of a freely accessible website…
When the transfer is complete, the other aspects will be a routine matter to tackle, it is quite easy to handle and manipulate a dedicated website….I hope you remember my view that we should have a separate website, well before Google announced the policy changes. In a way, my desire is fulfilled by your efforts…
We do not fear the deadline anymore, and maybe it is extended too..

Yes, the credit goes to … hard work.