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be-GON-yuh — named for Michel Begon, 18th c. Governor of St Domingue, French Canada
¿ kohn-CAN-en-sis ? — of or from Konkan (coast of Maharashtra, India)

commonly known as: Konkan begonia<indiannamesofplants/via-names/english/…>
• Marathi: गजकर्णिका gajakarnika<indiannamesofplants/via-names/marathi/…>

botanical name: Begonia concanensis A. DC. … synonyms: no synonym  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – –
Photographed at Tung fort on 31 JUL 11 … more views at

Detailed images available at
Is it also Begonia phrixophylla ?

I am not clear about your query.
Begonia concanensis and Begonia phrixophylla are distinct species, which I am sure you must be aware of.

I have referred it to the Expert in bcc, in case he replies.

Yes !


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