Psychotria pendula Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 164 1880. (syn: Uragoga depressiglobosa Kuntze; Uragoga pendula (Hook.f.) Kuntze);

Andaman Islands as per POWO;

Hook. f. ; glabrous, leaves elliptic-obovate or lanceolate abruptly obtusely acuminate, narrowed into the petiole, nerves 12-16 pair, axils imperforate, cymes peduncled terminal, fruiting pendulous very long, rachis and very short distant opposite branches stout, fruit depressed-globose sessile crowned with the enlarged calyx-limb.

Andaman Islands; Passage Bay, Heifer.

Branches smooth, stout, pale green. Leaves 4-6 by 1.3/4-2.1/2 in., pale green when dry, nerves slender ; petiole 1/4-1/2 in. ; stipules not seen. Fruiting cymes racemose, 5-7 in. long. Fruit 1/3 in. broad, somewhat contracted at the base, obscurely didymous ; calyx-limb cupular, 5-toothed, with a central obtuse projecting enlarged disk. Seeds hemispheric, ventral face flat ; albumen not deeply ruminate.—This differs from P. tylophora in the imperforate nerve-axils and long pendulous fruiting cymes with very stout branches, and sessile fruit of a totally different shape, and large calyx-limb.

(Attributions- IBIS Flora (Flora of British India))

Psychotria pendula (Rubiaceae)?: 3 images.
Here I am posting three images, though not very good but it appears to be  Psychotra pendula Hook.f., endemic to the Andaman Islands.
Photographed by Mr. B. Dey from South Andaman Island in the inland forest floor.
It is a shrub.
Please verify.

Yes, appears close as per GBIF specimens- one and two.




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