Comparative images as captive Experts:
Comparative images have become our captive Experts, which anyone can use for identifications. These images carry imprints of almost 15 years of experience in them and are a gist of all the human expertise and litrary resources.

And I am the one who uses it most, not only for identification in the group but also for validation before adding an observation in efloraofindia site.

Yes …, It is very much useful, and instantly satisfies the requirement.

I also use it very often. I generally search for the place where I found a particular plant/tree and then look for the genera pages for all those plants to compare the pics I clicked with the ones placed on the page. This allows to narrow down on a possible name quite quickly.
This is very useful.
Thanks Garg ji for all the efforts for keeping the genera pages updated with the pics of all species.

Comparative images are very helpful in species identification, Garg ji

Comparative images are always good to identify a plant. In absence of these images one has to go through the keys given in written documents (flora etc.) which is troublesome to those ignorant of taxonomic terminology.


Poaceae does not show a list of genuses and species.

Pl. see
Comparative images etc. yet not made.

That I have already checked but it is difficult to check one by one. The following are much  easier to browse.

Zingerberaceae, Poaceae and Orchidaceae are still left. Hope I am able to take them up in coming days.

Ok, thanks.