Barleria prionitis subsp. pubiflora (Benth. ex Hohen.) R. K. Brummitt & J. R. I. Wood, Kew Bull. 38: 436 (1983) (syn: Barleria prionitis var. diacantha Blatt. & Hallb.; Barleria pubiflora Benth.);
SE. Pakistan to W. India as per POWO;
India (Coastal & subcoastal areas of W-India from Mangalore to Saurashtra, Punjab, foot hills of Himalayas), Pakistan as per CoL;

Acanthaceae week 12/11/2021 images of Barleria prionitis var pubiflora for validation: 3 images.
attaching images of Barleria prionitis var pubiflora from Nasik for validation;
Please validate

As thorns are 8 or more per node (compared to 2-4 per node in subsp. prionitis), your id seems to be correct.




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