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Cirsium wallichii DC, Fam Asteraceae
wild herb from Nigiri hills area of Tamilnadu, altitude is around 2000m

Cirsium wallichii I don’t think has winged stem. To me it looks like Carduus sp.

Achenes pappus would solve the confusion.

I too agree it is Carduus sp, but species identity needs to be confirmed. If anybody have clarity in this taxon kindly help.

I think only Cirsium wallichii DC. is reported from tamil Nadu as per details at Cirsium and Carduus
It appears close.

Of all the species of Carduus listed in India, none is reported from South India. Only Carduus tenuiflorus is mentioned to have been introduced in India as per CoL, but which states is not clear. 

Maybe C.wallichii (extremely variable species) only as per discussions above and as per discussions at Confusion between Circium argyracanthum and C. verutum and GBIF specimens- one and two.

But irregular stems are still making me doubtful.

Winged stem we have in C. vulgare, but heads don’t match.


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