Crotalaria goreensis Guill. & Perr., Fl. Seneg. Tent.: 165 (1832) (syn: Crotalaria falcata Schumach. & Thonn.; Crotalaria guineensis D.Dietr.; Crotalaria leopoldvillensis De Wild.; Crotalaria macrostipula Steud. ex A.Rich.);
Cape Verde to Tropical Africa: Angola, Benin, Burkina, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Repu, Chad, Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gulf of Guinea Is., Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe; Introduced into: Bismarck Archipelago, Brazil North, Brazil Southeast, French Guiana, Guyana, Madagascar, Malaya, Nauru, New Guinea, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Thailand, Western Australia as per POWO;
India (I) and other countries as per ILDIS;

Erect, annual herbs, up to 2.5 m high; stems densely pubescent with appressed hairs. Leaves alternate, 3-foliolate; leaflets 2.5-8.5 x 0.8-2.5 cm, linear-oblanceolate or obovate, sparsely adpressed pubescent on the lower surface, variable, the terminal usually slightly longer than the laterals; petioles 3.5-8.0 cm long; stipules oblong-falcate, 0.9-2.5 x 0.3-0.7 cm, acuminate, very unequal-sided. Racemes terminal, up to 6 cm long. Flowers many, crowded at the top; bracts subulate or filiform, 3-4 mm long, early caducous. Calyx 4-5 mm long, pubescent, lobes subulate triangular, more or less equal to the tube. Petals yellow; vexillum ovate, ca 0.9 x 0.6 cm, with prominent reddish vein, glabrous outside, slightly shorter than the keel; wing petals oblong, ca 1 x 0.3 cm; keel petals ca 0.9 x 0.5 cm, with a distinct straight beak and with a conspicuous band of hairs along the upper margins and not twisted. Pods subsessile, oblong-ellipsoid, 1.5-2.0 x 0.7-0.9 cm, thinly pubescent, blackish-brown; seeds 12-16, oblong-reniform, ca. 4 mm long, yellow, usually tinged orange red.
Flowering and fruiting: September-November
(Attributions: Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi as per India Biodiversity Portal)

Crotalaria goreensis Guill. & Perr. submission AS24 December21: 11 images.
Here’s one alien naturalised Crotalaria species addition to efloraofindia site.

Crotalaria goreensis Guill. & Perr.
Common Name – Gambia Pea
Family – Fabaceae
Growing as naturalised species along roadside with Crotalaria pallida.
Photographed near FRLHT/TDU Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 
Dated – 18 December 2021





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