Vigna Species : Way to Nasik : 22DEC21 : AK – 21: 1 image.
Vigna Species seen in Kasara Ghat, also known as Thal Ghat, on the way to Nasik.

Pictures taken in the first week of Oct, 2021.
The pod was very hairy
Unfortunately I have only one picture.

Vigna radiata var. sublobata (Roxb.) Verdc. !

Pl. post high res. image and also show the leaves.
Identifications based on such images may turn out to be wrong in future.

Adding in high resolution.
Unfortunately, this is the only image I have.
Didn’t realize it was different from the other I had clicked till I saw the images much later.
1 high res. image.

Can be Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper also, as per details and keys herein.
Difficult to say.