identification of this tree: 3 images.
it is a tree, from Maredumilli forest, near a water course; I think it is from Euphorbiaceae; I request the members for id, the pictures were sent by a friend, he is unable to say whether they are fruit or flower.

Lasiococca comberi female flowers

but Flora peninsular India and other sites images are different.; female flowers long pedicellate, green, solitary, axillary, bracts small as per all standard floras, here it is in short compact spikes;
sorry I can’t agree

I am unable to recognize this plant in Eupborbiaceae.
The drawing of Lasiococca comberi as published in Flora of India, Volume 23 is attached herewith.
1 tiff image.

he told me it is from Euphorbiaceae, but I am unable to confirm, I have asked for more images, and material when he visits again

Possibilities are more. Please find the attached research article with an image.

Let us request further photographs from …


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