Dactyliandra welwitschii Hook. fil., Fl. Trop. Afr. 2: 557 1871. (syn: Ctenolepis welwitschii (Hook.f.) Jafri; Dactyliandra luederitziana (Cogn.) Cogn.);
W. Angola to Namibia: Angola, Namibia; Introduced into: India, Pakistan as per POWO;
Angola, Namibia, NW-India (Rajasthan) as per CoL;
Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan as per BSI Flora of India Checklist;

For Help to identify a plant species: 2 images.
One of my friend in forest dept. Found this variety in his farm.

Please help to identify 🙏
Place. Rapar, Bhuj Gujarat
Date.13 Jan.2022
Family. Cucurbitaceae
Its Characters are match with Ctenolepis and Diplocyclos. And is rare in our aera

This is Dactyliandra welwitschii Hook.f. [Cucurbitaceae].

Thank you … for identification my plants species Named Dactyliandra welwitschii Hook.f. [Cucurbitaceae].

Thanks, …, for a very good id.
Looks different from images at Ctenolepis cerasiformis in seeds.
Do you have any flowering images?

No sir, this species is also rare and specifically it grown in Dry place
i doesn’t show this species in Saurashtra and other part of Gujarat

Could this be a species of Passiflora?

No sir, its Dactyliandra welwitschii Hook.f.




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