HELP___Looking for plants/seeds:

I hope my email finds you well. My name is … I recently joined the Plant Biotechnology Dept., CSIR-IIIM as DBT Ramalingaswami Fellow.

My proposed work is focused on understanding the biosynthesis and evolution of terpenoid (diterpenoid) pathways in members of Gentianaceae/ Lauraceae and related families that are found in India.

I am particularly interested in the following plants:

1.          Ryania speciosa Vahl

2.          Itoa orientalis

3           Persea indica or any other Persea spp….

4.          Laurus nobilis

5.          Cinnamomum cassia

6.          C. verum

7.          C. zeylinicum

8.          Spigelia anthelmia

9.          C. camphora

10.        C. tamala

11.        Leucosceptrum canum

12.        Colquhunia spp.

13.        Swertia bimaculata or closely related Swertia spp.

14.        Cheilanthes farinosa

15         Caesalpinia crista

16.        Gentianella spp.

17.        Eurysolen gracilis

would anyone be able to provide me with some seeds/live plants/plantlets, or direct me to someone who can provide me with these plants/ seeds?

Any help will be duly acknowledged in publications that come out of this work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I haven’t had much luck but I did manage to get a few species from some nurseries. They should arrive in a few days. Might need your help in confirming their identity.


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