Bolbitis beddomei Fraser-Jenk. & Gandhi, Indian Fern J. 32: 185 (2015) (syn: Bolbitis subcrenata var. prolifera (C.Presl) Hennipman; Bolbitis subcrenatoides Fraser-Jenk.; Campium proliferum C.Presl; Poecilopteris hookeriana T.Moore; Polybotrya prolifera (C.Presl) Mett.; Acrostichum proliferum Hook.);
S. India as per POWO;

fern for id ? Bolbitis beddomei: 3 images.
Date- Feb 10 2022.
Location- Amboli-  Western ghats, south Maharashtra. Near stream bank in forest.
Habitus- herbaceous. Single.
Leaves: terminal pinna long, narrow. One plant had a bulbil at end of a terminal pinna with a new plant arising from it.

Well it’s funny growth in a Bolbitis 0 they do funny things sometimes – a population-collection helps then.




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