Dinesh Valke
– ‘Saarthi’ ‘सारथि’ of eFloraofIndia


Saarthi ‘सारथि’- Title for Sh. Dinesh Valke:

Sh. Dinesh Valke’s achievements have been enormous not only for efloraofindia but equally also elsewhere. Mentioning below, some of them as quoted by some of our team members:
He has been a pioneer in giving/ implementing ideas for bringing efi to this level.
He has been posting most of his images on efi along with helping in ids, as and when time permits.
He has been compiling names in local languages for a very large no. of plant species and sharing those with eFloraofIndia.
He maintains his own site along with sharing the contents freely.
He has devoted his life for this sole purpose.
He has put all his Flickr images on Wikimedia Commons to be used all over the world with due credits and in the process of doing the same in iNaturalist.
His behaviour has been superb and most gentlemanly. We have never seen him getting derailed.
A lot of his images are being used in Flora of Peninsular India as well as Flowers of India.
A generous and a great personality and a Legend in the making.
He has great passion for plants although not a botanist by profession. And he has outstanding photographic skills and a wonderful passion to collect regional names in native scripts. He is a perfect Lexicographer. His uploads have been both inspiring and educational. His contribution to this group is immeasurable. Indeed a great contributor in all aspects !
He is a veteran explorer, autodidact or self-taught botanist, excellent photographer, the go-to person for any IT-related stuff for the group, resolute lexicographer, and a great human being and much more.
His enlightened guidance has been instrumental along with his cool and calm advice.
He has been doing enormous work, without asking for any credits.
In view, he has been conferred the title of Saarthi ‘सारथि’ of eFloraofIndia (derived from Lord Krishna, who guided Pandavas in Mahabharata- like Dinesh ji has been guiding the team of eFloraofIndia) in view of his great contributions.
A suitable link will be created shortly at the home page of efloraofindia.com.

Congratulations Dinesh ji, a Well deserved title to our most talented member

Congratulations Dinesh ji. Wonderful contributions.

Congratulations Dinesh Ji..
You are true to this title..👍👍💐💐
I wish you will continue to contribute as immensely as always..

Great title and suitable one.
Many congratulations Dinesh ji !

Thank you very much, …, for this beautiful title !!! and for the kind words !!!
I took some time to digest them. Frankly, I get nervous when I receive praise.
I am at a loss of words to express my state of mind. I feel good and happy !!
Though my passion drives me, I am here because of everyone’s motivation. All the pillars of eFI inspire me !!
Thank you very much … for your kind words and appreciation.

Congratulations and Thanks Dinesh ji for your Committed contributions to Indianflora and Science.😀👏🏆

Heartiest congratulations, Dinesh ji
Your contributions to efloraofindia are praiseworthy. Keep up the good work. Kudos 👍👏

Congratulations Dinesh Ji, … words are so apt

Among many suggestions from our Team members, this title was suggested by Nidhan ji.

Thank you very much …!! I liked the title very much 🙂 😀
I hope I do better than whatever I did to get it; I wish every member of eFI aims at becoming a pillar and earning one.
Many thanks … for your kind words of appreciation.

We always feel proud of your work.

Congratulations Dinesh Ji,
You deserved it,

Hearty congratulations Dinesh ji! Well-deserved for the beautiful title! Thanks for being the ‘navigator’ for eFI 🙂
Shout-out to … for the idea and … and all others for the title suggestions.

Actually … suggestion was a trigger for me.

Hearty Congratulations Dear Dinesh. Well deserved title.

Many congratulations, Dinesh sir! You richly deserve it.

Thanks very much … for you kind words of appreciation.

Congratulations Dinesh ji, and thanks to … for wonderful title awarded to Dinesh ji
I recollect the phone call from Dinesh Ji inviting me to efloraofindia.
I hope there are many more joined by the inspiring words of Dinesh ji.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you very very much … for your kind words of appreciation.

Congratulations Dinesh Ji.

You have been guiding many, in eFI as well as outside eFI.
The Botanical fraternity is grateful to you for contributing high quality images of Indian plants in many open to public databases (eFI is one of them). The eFI database was initially your idea/ creation perfected by …
I, personally, am grateful to you for your valuable guidance while making eflorapantnagar.
You have been true “Sarathi” of this forum since inception and deserve the title and my salutations.

Thank you very much … for these kind words of appreciation. I am honoured.

And finally page is available at Saarthi ‘सारथि’ of eFloraofIndia

Thanks … for all the Hard work. Congrats Dinesh ji once again for well deserved title.

Many thanks … for this wonderful gesture and efforts.
The title is beautiful, beyond any doubt; however the meaning you have associated is absolutely profound – I must humbly admit that all the eFI members and friends have actually made me what I am. All of you inspire me and lead me to do my work of passion.

Heartiest Congratulations!!
Apt & well deserved title
I appreciate your gear effort, not easy task!! I used to tell my students about your work to motivate them to learn about plants
Keep up the good work


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