Helleborus × hybridus H.Vilm., Vilm. Blumengärtn. ed. 3, 1: 27 (1894);

SK 3346 09 March 2022: 8 very high res. images.

Location: Langton Garden, Romford, UK
Altitude: 15 m.
Date: 26 February 2022
Habit : Cultivated
Hybrids of Helleborus orientalis Lam. ??

Helleborus x hybridus.
many different colours.

I use the Royal horticulture Society name Helleborus x hybridus…see below

See post above…
Other common names Lenten rose [3]
Synonyms Helleborus orientalis hort. mixed
Helleborus orientalis misapplied
see less Helleborus orientalis hort. hybrid
Helleborus orientalis misapplied
Helleborus × hybridus mixed

Old name at top remains the same.. maybe safer to correct.


SK 3390 06 April 2022: 4 high res. images.

Location: Royal Garden Hyde Park , London 
Altitude: 30m.
Date: 27 March 2022
Habit : Cultivated

It is possibly one of the Helleborus  species.

Helleborus x hybridus.
Many named cultivars, singles, doubles, in white, pink, deep maroon, yellow etc. Spotted and plain.



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